Farewell to the Hurricane Coaster | Adventureland Amusement Park Long Island

Facts about the Hurricane

Adventureland Amusement Park welcomes guests to ride The Hurricane Coaster for one last time as it will officially be retired by the end of this 2014 season to make way for Adventureland's newest addition in 2015! Follow Adventureland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest and exciting news about Adventureland's new ride!

  • This Compact Twister Coaster was built in 1991, making it 23 years old!
  • The Hurricane is approximately 50 feet tall
  • The top speed of the Hurricane is 35 MPH and each ride is about 50 seconds long
  • The Hurricane has two trains, one yellow and one red
  • The track for the Hurricane Coater is made of steel and is 1430 feet in length
  • It will take nearly a month to dismantle the Hurricane Coaster
  • The last ride on the Hurricane is scheduled for the Fall of 2014!

Although we are sad to say goodbye to the Hurricane, Adventureland is excited to welcome a brand new custom made coaster to our park!!

Facts about Adventureland's New 2015 Coaster

  • This coaster will be Long Island's largest and ONLY spinning coaster!!
  • This coaster will have two trains, one yellow and one green
  • Because this is a free spinning coaster, each ride will be unique!! No two rides will be the same!
  • This coaster will debut in spring of 2015 and will take nearly two months to build!
  • This is the TALLEST and FASTEST coaster Adventureland has ever had!
  • This new coaster will be very family friendly; children as small as 42" can ride with an adult!!
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