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Group Sales Pricing Plans

Group Sales Pricing Plans

Group Rates

Our group rates are as follows, if booked online:

  • 20-49 people = $24.50 per person
  • 20-49 people (ONLINE PRICE) = $21.50 per person
    *Save $3 per person booking online
  • 20-49 people (Monday & Tuesday Special) = $20.50 per person
  • 50+ people = $22.00 per person
  • 50+ people (ONLINE PRICE) = $19.00 per person
    *Save $3 per person booking online
  • 50+ people (Monday & Tuesday Special) = $18.00 per person

This includes a full session of riding, either opening until 7pm or 4pm until closing. Every rider regardless of age needs tickets or a P.O.P. bracelet. Groups must be booked at least 2 days in advance. Payment is due the day of the trip, cash or credit only. No checks will be accepted. Visit our Group Food Options page for pricing and more information about adding a meal plan for your group event.

Exclusive Group Events

Hosting an exclusive event at Adventureland is a fun and creative way to raise money for your organization and many organizations have had tremendous success in meeting their fundraising goals when incorporating our park into their funding strategies. Exclusive events offer a safe and family-centered environment to raise money for your organization, as the park will only be open to members of your party.

Our Exclusive Group Rates for 3 hour events:

  • 300-499 people = $22.00 per person
  • 500-699 people = $21.00 per person
  • 700+ people = $20.00 per person
    *One weekday rain date is permitted for each exclusive group at no additional charge. Friday or Saturday rain dates can be requested for an additional per person fee.
Organizations and participants are required to follow all of Adventureland's policies and procedures during both public and private events.

Groups have taken advantage of the discounted ride bracelets by pricing the ride bracelets at a higher rate than what Adventureland charges the organization. For example, if Adventureland charges the organization $20.00 person, the organization may charge participants $25.00 to take part in the exclusive event. This allows the organization to keep $5.00 of every bracelet sold during their event, earning a total of $1,500 by just meeting the minimum requirements of a three hour exclusive night. Some groups have partnered with other organizations in order increase the number of participants, thereby increasing their revenue. This idea is especially relevant to PTAs, small non-profits, and small schools that may need to combine forces in order to make the most of this opportunity.

Adventureland will staff the ticket windows and sell the tickets at the agreed upon price. Past groups have charged differently for tickets and bracelets purchased ahead of time, as an incentive to avoid long lines and crowded parking lots. Others have required their guests provide identification to ensure the exclusivity of the event. However you decide to build your event, our staff will cater to your needs. Your organization will only be responsible for promoting the event, and you will receive the agreed upon revenue per bracelet.

For additional information on Group Sales Programs please contact our group event sales team at 631-494-2557.

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