Jun 02

Great July Fourth Hotspots in New York

July 4th at Adventureland

July 4th is right around the corner. Add some extra spark and sizzle to this coming Fourth of July celebrations by spending the day at Adventureland Amusement Park. As one of Long Island’s longest running premier attraction, kids and adults can celebrate the day with hours of fun-filled outdoor activities, delicious food, and tasty snacks and beverages.

A day at Adventureland is like no other with something to do for all ages that include outdoor games, arcade, water rides and tons of amusement park thrill rides. From the moment you arrive until it’s time to go home, every second is booked with exciting entertainment.

Thrill Rides
Celebrate Independence Day with a ride on the Turbulence Coaster, the newest addition to Adventureland. This speedy new twisting roller coaster is the tallest on Long Island and the only one that spins as the coaster cars reach each turn at high speeds. Everyone will be squealing, screaming, and laughing throughout the heart-pounding ride.

You’ll definitely get your “scare” on at the Ghost House where you never know what spooky thing awaits around each corner. Riders are free as a breeze in the swinging Pirate Ship and whirl and twirl on the Frisbee. For more ups and downs, hold on tight on the Musik Express or test your driving skills with the classic and favorite Bumper Cars.

There’s plenty of fun for kids and families with other classic rides like Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Lady Bug Coaster, Wave Swing, and more. For the youngest visitors, there’s kiddie rides galore with Alfie’s Swing, Kiddie Carousel, Tea Cups, and Pirate Island, to name a few that will have your little ones smiling for days.

Water Activities
After a day of experiencing thrilling or classic attractions, cool off on one of Adventureland’s refreshing water rides. Hold on tight as you drop down on a exhilarating log flume on Adventure Falls, navigate your way through crocodile infested waters, or younger ones can enjoy a dip on the Little Dipper. For children’s safety, height requirements and restrictions are in effect for all rides.

Take your pick from a variety of entertaining and mind-boggling games and test how well you play. You even have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Outdoor Games
Games, games, and more games are on the midway to test your playing action and win prizes. From balloon dart and goblet toss, to rope climb and basketball, precision counts.

Let the fun continue with Adventureland being the “go to” destination for summer fun and group trips. With on-going attractions and activities designed for all ages, add Adventureland Amusement Park to your entertainment itinerary making it the number one attraction for summer destinations in New York. Adventureland welcomes all types of groups. Call Adventureland (631) 494-2557 today for more information about group rates and specials.

May 26

Turbulence Coaster: The Hottest New Attraction on Long Island

Adventureland Turbulence Coaster

Since 1962, Adventureland has provided fun and games, and thrills and chills to Long Island’s residents and tourists. Through the years, the amusement park has remained on the cutting edge of innovative entertainment for kids and adults and they’ve done it again with the addition of the new Turbulence spinning roller coaster.

The Turbulence coaster replaces the 50-foot tall Hurricane roller coaster that was a park favorite since its construction in 1991. The new roller coaster ride adds yet another element of surprise and level of excitement with its twisting, turning, and spinning coaster car action that makes it the perfect ride for roller coaster enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Children over four feet tall can take part in the fast-paced excitement of Turbulence when accompanied by an adult.

The Turbulence coaster is the tallest and only spinning roller coaster in Long Island and is now open for business and ready to take riders to dizzying heights. The green and yellow coaster cars are guaranteed to have riders wide-eyed and holding their breath in anticipation of the next turn. It’s an impressive sight as riders hold on tight and scream with delight as the coaster cars enter each turn, spinning and twisting all the way at super fast speeds.

Adventureland Amusement Park has been a “must see” attraction since its opening, and over the years, the park has become a popular destination for class trips and for Adventureland group trips for school students.

Adventureland provides the ideal atmosphere for a complete day trip, whether it is a small or large group, with outdoor games, rides, and arcade suited for children of all ages. Group trips can also include food package options and access to snack stands throughout the park to make group trip experiences more convenient.

As summer heats up and kids are looking for fun things to do, it’s the perfect destination for visiting children’s summer camps. Fun-filled entertainment is a big part of Adventureland’s specialty for summer camps, girl scouts, boy scouts, youth groups, YMCA groups and more. It’s the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy the nice weather outside, having a good time socializing and making new friends. Kids can safely explore Adventureland Amusement Park and access rides, attractions, outdoor games, the arcade, and the restaurant, food court and snack stands. Learn more about reserving your group trip at Adventureland and call (631) 494-2557 for more information or reservations.

May 01

Why Adventureland is Great for Summer Camp Group Trips

Adventureland Summer Camp Group Trips

Summer is the time of year kids look forward to when excitement is in the air about getting together with friends and having a great time. When you’re looking for an overall favorite place for kids in summer camps to socialize, interact, and have loads of fun activities and things to do, Adventureland is the “go to” destination in Long Island, New York.

With its summer activities for groups available throughout the summer season, kids have everything needed for a day of sharing thrills and chills with their friends. From the time kids arrive until it’s time to go, they’ll have access to rides galore such as the Turbulence Coaster, Pirate Ship, Bumper Cars, and more. Add to that a variety of outdoor games. Kids can test their reflexes and brain power at the Rope Climb, shoot some hoops on the basketball games, or focus their attention on Balloon Darts and Goblet Toss. These outdoor amusement park games offer plenty of opportunities to win prizes, too.

There are more prizes to be won in the Adventureland Arcade. Kids can compete against one another to see who can accumulate the most tickets, outwit the machines, or wow the crowd playing Guitar Hero. There’s plenty of action in the state-of-the-art arcade to challenge their minds while providing tons of fun.
For a refreshing ride, Adventure Falls offers the exhilarating wet and wild Flume Ride. Kids will really enjoy navigating the waters on Crocodile Run, and for the youngest camp members, the Little Dipper promises a wet ride down the chute.

When it’s time to take a break, kids have an array of delectable choices at the food court and restaurant and tasty goodies from the snack stands to replenish their energy levels. Along with food and fun, the theme park provides a safe and secure environment so parents can rest easy while their children are enjoying a group summer camp excursion. To ensure safety, each ride has height restrictions and several require the child be accompanied by an adult.

Since 1962, Adventureland amusement park has provided the best in entertainment and programs for kids of all ages. When summer rolls around, the amusement park offers several additional benefits for summer camp attendees.
• Group rates starting at 20 people
• Discounted food packages
• Accommodations made for the food package option for vegetarians or those with health issues
• Snack and game coupons
• Each person in the group receives a bracelet

Please contact Adventureland Group Sales today at (631) 494-2557 for more information about reserving your summer time group trip.

Mar 27

Adventureland 2015 Opening Day is Finally Here!

Adventureland Opening Weekend

Welcome to the start of another season at Adventureland Amusement Park located at 2245 Broad Hollow Road (RT. 110), Farmingdale, NY 11735. Our 2015 Opening Day is finally here as we kick things off tomorrow Saturday, March 28th at 11:30am. Visit Adventureland and check out the rides and attractions. We’re excited to finally unveil the all new Turbulence Coaster! Although the weather is still a little chilly, Turbulence Coaster will be sure to heat things up and get your adrenaline pumping.

It’s an exciting Adventureland 2015 Opening Weekend as we also have a Buy 1 P.O.P band Get 1 FREE P.O.P band special. Enjoy all the fun with a friend or family member for half the price. We’re also hosting Adventureland’s first Egg Scramble event on Sunday, March 29th with tons of great treats and surprises for everyone.

It’s definitely going to be another fantastic and exciting year with more surprises and special events in store. Follow Adventureland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest park news, updates, and special events. Don’t miss out on the action and excitement and visit Adventureland this opening weekend!

Mar 12

Winter is Finally Over and It’s Time to Enjoy the Outdoors Again


It’s been a long and harsh winter and like most people you’ve probably been cooped up indoors with cabin fever. It finally looks like winter is over and what better way to kick off spring than by visiting Adventureland Amusement Park for Opening Weekend starting on March 28th. The weather is great, warming up and it’s the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air outdoors while enjoying fun rides and attractions at Adventureland Amusement Park in Farmingdale, NY. It’s an enjoyable experience with your family and friends and nothing is more priceless than watching your kids having the time of their lives laughing and smiling away all day. Adventureland has rides for guests of all ages and is conveniently located in Long Island. Free parking is also available. Adventureland is also unveiling the new Turbulence coaster this year so that is definitely an attraction on all thrill riders checklist to see and ride.

Take a break from the action and excitement of Adventureland rides by treating yourself to some of your favorite amusement park snacks at the Restaurant, food court, or many snack stands located throughout the park. By the end of the day you and your family will have many happy memories to cherish. It’s definitely a refreshing way to spend a nice day of Spring outdoors.

Feb 07

First Ride For a Cause Charity Raffle


Adventureland kick’s off the 2015 season by offering guests a chance to win a ride on the new Turbulence coaster in the First Ride For a Cause Charity Raffle.
Purchase a chance to win by donating to JDRF or NSSA! Each chance is $5. Purchase multiple chances to increase your odds!! Winning donors from the charity that raises the most money will be on the first train to leave the Turbulence Station! The winners from the remaining charity will be on the following train!

For more details about how you can support a good cause and win a chance to be one of the first to ride the all new and exciting Turbulence coaster visit Adventureland’s First Ride For a Cause. For official rules visit the Official Rules page.