Sep 15

Girl Scouts Enjoying a Fun Day at Adventureland

Adventureland Amusement Park

The Girl Scouts have been busy and involved in their community since 1912 when the first group of local girls was organized by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. Today, more than 2 million girls are part of the organization with each one continuing their individual journey of discovery about themselves, the planet, and the world they live in.

Every girl who is part of the Girl Scouts organization is dedicated to working non-stop for their community and the environment through multiple programs, camps, and fundraising events all year long. In appreciation of all their contributions and hard work, what better way to reward their diligence and dedication than by spending the day at Adventureland. The long-established amusement park on Long Island, NY has the distinction of serving the Long Island community, New York residents, and out-of-state and international tourists since 1962 with unlimited entertainment.

While Adventureland is alive with excitement throughout the year and summer, the park offers opportunities for school groups and organizations to enjoy all the fun and entertainment and additional savings with special group rates. Girl Scout groups can look forward to enjoying unlimited fun and excitement at the amusement park during the summer with rides and attractions for kids of all ages. Not only will Girl Scouts have access to the many activities and attractions at the park, it also provides them with the opportunity to meet, make, and network with new friends.

The activities at Adventureland provide groups like the Girl Scouts with multiple platforms of traditional and interactive amusement park entertainment. It will definitely entertain all with a full day of park adventure and excitement featuring a long list of thrill and water rides, games, interactive activities, and much more. Whether the troops are comprised of Daisies or have reached the level of Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors, the park offers a safe and secure haven with new and challenging experiences for Girl Scouts of all ages.

For upcoming group events the Girl Scouts may be planning or making reservations for the troop to enjoy a fun summer day trip, Adventureland can make it happen. Girl Scout leaders making the reservations can take advantage of group rates for 20 to 50+ people in the troop and receive special rates when making online reservations. For Girl Scouts interested in planning exclusive private events contact our Group Sales team at 631-494-2557 for more information. Enjoy an unforgettable Girl Scouts group trip amusement park experience at Adventureland today.

Aug 25

End Your Summer with a Bang!

Summer Trip at Adventureland

Labor Day is almost here which means summer break is about to come to an end and everyone heads back to school. Fortunately the summer weather is still great for enjoying the outdoors. And there’s no better way to spending a nice summer day than having a great time with friends and family at Adventureland with thrilling rides and attractions for everyone. In addition, guests can indulge in their favorite amusement park snacks and treats from the variety of snack stands located throughout the park or take a break from the action in the air conditioned state-of-the-art Arcade and Restaurant.¬†Adventureland is Long Island’s favorite amusement park with all your entertainment amenities located conveniently in one location and only 30 minutes from New York City with free parking and admission. Guests can purchase individual ride tickets or a Pay-One-Price ride band for the best value.

Groups for boy scouts, girl scouts, YMCA, etc. can still enjoy one last memorable summer trip at Adventureland. Kids will definitely enjoy riding their favorite park attractions like Crocodile Run, Adventure Falls, Wave Swing, and more. And without a doubt, the all new Turbulence Coaster has been a big hit since its launch this season thrilling riders all season as it twists and turns you through each dip and drop. Don’t miss out on your last chance for enjoying summer the way it should be at Adventureland Amusement Park. Visit Adventureland today with your friends and family for one last memorable summer blast. For group rates and specials contact Adventureland Group Sales at ¬†631-494-2557 or reserve your group trip online.

Aug 06

The Perfect Summer Day Trip for YMCA and Kids Youth Groups

childrens summer camp

Summer is in full swing and there is no better place to be than at Adventureland Amusement Park. For YMCA and children youth groups looking for an entertaining and memorable day of activities then Adventureland is your go to destination this summer!

Adventureland is a fun and safe environment with a variety of rides and attractions for children of all ages. Plan an exciting youth group or YMCA day trip to Adventureland in Long Island, New York and the kids will experience unforgettable memories that will last them a whole lifetime.

We offer group rates for children as well as adults so you can enjoy all the fun with extra savings. From kiddie rides to roller coasters and water rides, you and your group of kids are guaranteed to have an excellent and exciting time. There’s no better place to spend your summer day then at Adventureland. We have thrill rides to get your heart pumping and water rides like
Crocodile Run, Little Dipper, and Adventure Falls to cool you down on the hot summer days.

Take a break from the action amusement park rides and take your shot at winning great prizes in the outdoor games like Basketball, Balloon Pop, Whac-A-Mole and more. Adventureland’s indoor Arcade is a state-of-the-art climate control arcade with tons of fun games to win tickets and prizes while you keep you stay cool from the sun. And if you’re group of kids feel hungry then visit the Adventureland Restaurant for your favorite foods or stop by one of the many variety of snack stands located throughout the park.

Adventureland Amusement Park is a special place that all children cherish. There’s so many attractions that keep children coming back for more to experience all the fun and excitement. And it’s even more special when groups of kids get to enjoy it with their best friends sharing fun memories together.

Make Adventureland one of your summer destinations this year for your YMCA or youth group and call us (631) 494-2557 for more information about group rates or book online. Your group of kids will thank you for making one of their summer days the best.

Jun 02

Great July Fourth Hotspots in New York

July 4th at Adventureland

July 4th is right around the corner. Add some extra spark and sizzle to this coming Fourth of July celebrations by spending the day at Adventureland Amusement Park. As one of Long Island’s longest running premier attraction, kids and adults can celebrate the day with hours of fun-filled outdoor activities, delicious food, and tasty snacks and beverages. Continue reading

May 26

Turbulence Coaster: The Hottest New Attraction on Long Island

Adventureland Turbulence Coaster

Since 1962, Adventureland has provided fun and games, and thrills and chills to Long Island’s residents and tourists. Through the years, the amusement park has remained on the cutting edge of innovative entertainment for kids and adults and they’ve done it again with the addition of the new Turbulence spinning roller coaster. Continue reading

May 01

Why Adventureland is Great for Summer Camp Group Trips

Adventureland Summer Camp Group Trips

Summer is the time of year kids look forward to when excitement is in the air about getting together with friends and having a great time. When you’re looking for an overall favorite place for kids in summer camps to socialize, interact, and have loads of fun activities and things to do, Adventureland is the “go to” destination in Long Island, New York. Continue reading